Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Shell Mound and Cedar Keys...

Shell Mound is exactly that, a mound made from oyster and clam shells by American Indian's over a thousand years ago...this photo was taken from the top of the mound which rises 25feet above sea level and covers a 5 acre area (this is the largest intact shell mound remaining in Florida)...The mound help to protect the village from storm surges and provided a use for the shells, which were a bi product of the Indian's primary food source.

As we were leaving, we questioned whether to obey this sign or not, after all, those are rather large bullet holes, do we really want to stop and find out how fresh they are?? lol jking

Our next stop was Cedar Key, a very quaint fishing/tourist spot located on "Way Key" the largest of 12 small Islands (Keys) that make up the "Cedar KEYS" area....Above is a photo taken from the fishing dock of the water front resturants on "Dock Street"...The entire island has an enchanting quaintness about it, making you wish you never had to leave.

This old fishing shack has seen many storms and is considered an iconic site to locals and visitors alike. Kelsie tells us, herself and David have watched it begin to lean more and more over the yrs with each passing hurricane, it will be a sad day when it finally surcomes to the storms..But for now, it is a testimony to the skills, of the unknown builder of yesteryear

Di and Granddaughter Sara take a paddle in the Gulf of Mexico...Glad to report the Oil Spill has not tarnished this part of the Florida Coast line.

Can you think of a better way to relax after dinner than enjoying this view.

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  1. My husband and I drove here to Cedar Keys to eat, it was wonderful!