Thursday, July 22, 2010

Returning to Aust...

As most of you know mum and Nina have returned to Australia....but we had been so busy site seeing that we did not get to finish the blog, so I will try and get it done for them.

One of the things they got to see (and eat plenty of) while here was WATERMELONS...the 160 acres across the road from our house was planted in watermelons this yr and the ladies arrived in time to see them harvested.

One of the interesting things about the watermelon harvest is the hauling....

Old school buses with their tops removed are used to
carry the melons from the fields to the sorting sheds.

At the shed the buses are unloaded and sorted according to size before they are shipped all over America. These boxes of melons were destined for Missouri.

Here is little Sara showing her true diva side as she channels her inner Paris Hilton.

Well they got to see Cedar Key, quiet fishing village, and then on the 4th of July they got to see it again during the Clamerica day celebration, with lots of fun and folks and plenty of sea food...One of the local boys shows us how to climb a greased pole...
Many tried, but this guy was the closest we saw to getting to the top.

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