Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Disney World's Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

Well here we are finally at Disney one of the many parade's they held through out the day at the Magic Kingdom theme park.

I guess you could say we were happy to be there.

Micky and Minnie doing their thing.

one of the many floats in the parade.

Pinochio was there of coarse

Di took the easy way out. She also found a friend he took her for a dance in her chair at the street party. Disney is not just for kids.

There's a bear in there.

Di's granddaughter Sara just had to have a Micky Mouse balloon. She had an absolute ball.

Then on to Disney's Hollywood studios a few day's later.

Di's grandaughter Michaela with boyfriend Matt they were happy to be there too. Taken on main street.

Sara receiving her first Oscar as she is such a good actress.

She found her favourite T.V. star Handy Manny

Naturally Sara and Aunty Nina had to check out the Cars.

Nina did get an awesome video of the finale fireworks but alas it was to large to upload, so you will just have to imagine how amazing it was...especially with a "live" Tinker Bell zooming from the very top of Cinderella's Castle over the crowd and into the distance...Truly no-one does it as good as Disney.

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