Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Graduation on the Suwannee River...

We arrived in Sunny Florida from Western Australia at the end of May to visit family who live in Trenton FL....Though we have been here 3 weeks we only now have time enough to stop and share a few snaps taken during our site seeing adventures...

We started our visit right off the plane and ushered into a church for Di's granddaughters Baccalaurete...(A ceremony held to wish the graduates a safe and prosperous future)..Sure it was lovely, but jet lag leaves this memory a wee bit fuzzy.

A week later was the actual graduation ceremony....Held on the football field, leaving us to melt in the stands, because though it was 7pm the temperature was still in the high 30's (90's for you Americans)...As you can see by the beaming faces of Mic and her BF, very excited to be done with High School.

The week leading up to the graduation we visited Fort Fanning, a park erected in memory of those that died during the 2nd Seminole Indian War 1834 - 1838 on the banks of the Suwannee river.

Across the highway is one of the original tressels from the last bridge to span the Suwannee River before it empties into the Gulf of Mexico 30miles down stream...

The title image was taken of the Suwannee River from just south of the bridge.

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